About Susanne Grace

Moving Beyond Stress as created by registered nurse, Susanne Grace.  After 30 years in the health industry and years of struggling with her own physical and emotional health, she became passionate about helping others let go of their own pain by teaching them the information she wished she had.  

Since her transformation, Susanne has been a meditation teacher, trained in many modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Practitioner, MACE Energy Method Practitioner, Life Coaching, Master Business Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, and is Certified to deliver and assess the EQ-360 and MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence tests.  

Traditional ways of emotional healing left Susanne feeling like they simply talk about it, and not actually help to heal the emotions that create stress and can hold us back from achieving the success we are wanting.

So what has Susanne achieved? She created a multi-million dollar company within 5 years of being on a sole parent pension. Then recovered fully from nine years of ill health that included chronic fatigue, Ross River fever, depression, a series of infections and benign tumours (one on her liver was the size of large grapefruit), leaving a badly functioning liver, chemical sensitivities and heavy metal toxicity.

Along with an incredible knowledge now of how natural therapies can restore health, Susanne also learnt just how much our emotions and the way we think has a major impact on not only our health, but also the way we live our life. This includes our ability to become financially free and develop deep and meaningful relationships.

Being able to heal from past relationships, ill health and financial stress is what Susanne does best. As a result of doing 30 years of ‘time in’, Susanne has also developed Let Go and Live Well, offering holistic health programs, covering everything from nutrition, superfoods, supplements, home spa therapies, wellness tips, visualisations, emotional healing, mind-set and meditation.

When you move beyond stress, rather than just trying to manage stress is where Susanne believes creates the most impact on the health and wellbeing on the individual. If we can get this area working in harmony, then all the rest will fall into place, naturally.



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