Building resilience starts with a great team…

Our Grace Method Practitioners and Trainers work closely with you to help meet your needs and they are passionate about helping you to succeed. 

Their extensive training goes deeply into emotional intelligence, the unique Moving Beyond Stress Model and The Grace Method, along with an abundance of stress resilience tools and techniques.

Founder/Director Moving Beyond Stress 

Susanne Grace B.Bus., Reg Nurse, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trainer, Certified to deliver EQ testing models, Life Coach, Business Coach and meditation teacher.

After 30 years in the health industry and years of struggling with her own health, she became passionate about helping others let go of their own pain by teaching them the information she wished she had.

Traditional ways of emotional healing left Susanne feeling like they simply talk about it rather than actually help to heal the emotions that create stress and can hold us back from achieving the success we are wanting.

Along with an extensive knowledge of how both traditional medicine and natural therapies can restore health, Susanne also learnt just how significantly our emotions and the way we think have a major impact on not only our health, but also the way we live our life.